Because everybody
deserves to be treated gently

Everyone can benefit from a bit of tender loving care. Starting with all-natural ingredients as far as possible, we create products that are beautifully simple and gentle, yet effective too. Look at our ingredient lists, and you’ll see that they are fairly short. We have included only ingredients that are essential to the formula – no unnecessary fillers. Our product range is kept simple as well, because life is confusing enough as it is!

Oh, and a word on organic labeling. Quite unfortunately, there is no legal definition of “organic” for skincare. Some products with very little organic ingredients are labelled as organic, even if they contain many other harmful ingredients. We have chosen to have our products certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading body for organic certification, internationally-recognised for their very high standards. Under their stringent requirements, only products with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients are allowed to carry their mark. So go ahead and shop with confidence.